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Cash Management


Cash flow management is essential to business survival and success. Al Rajhi Bank helps you stay on top of your company's cash flow from wherever you operate. By taking care of this area of major concern, you can focus on strategising new ideas for business growth.

Our cash management product let you collect payments quicker, automate regular payments to suppliers, vendors and employees, and keep a close tab of your accounts and balances. Via the Internet, you can exercise complete control over incoming and outgoing funds, and know the current status of your account in an instant. It's the best way to exercise full control over your company's cash flow.

Account Management
Gain a fish-eye-view of all your corporate banking accounts. Easily track the inflows and outflows of funds.
Payables Management
Initiate payments (e.g. salary/vendor/supplier payments) automatically over the Internet at your convenience
Coordinate the collection of regular payments from your customers. Facilitate wholesale and retail cheque collections. Directly debit funds from your customer's or dealer's Al Rajhi Bank accounts.
Liquidity Management
Manage your accounts through pooling and auto-sweeping.
Online Advice
Send automatic reminders via email for authorisers to authorise transactions. Beneficiaries will also be sent an advice via email for any successful or rejected payments/collections.
Only the latest encryption methods and strictest security practices for safe access to your financial information
Shariah Compliant
We comply with the Ijarah and Ijarah 'ala al' Amal principles for the subscription of service and service charges for each customer instruction, respectively.
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