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Trade Finance
In trading, it is essential for traders to collect their dues on time to pay suppliers. When your domestic goods are delivered promptly and your imported goods cleared quickly, this establishes good repute and trust in your services and offerings.

Al Rajhi Bank provides financing solutions to help you maximise your domestic and international trading potential, affording you the peace of mind to manage your money, banking, credit, investments and assets. This also ensures your partners' trust in your products and services.

Our Products:
Letter of Credit-i
When you need your seller to know that you have the financial means to import their goods, Al Rajhi Bank's Letter of Credit-i comes in useful. Often used in international trade to eliminate the risks associated with the importer's country, the Letter of Credit serves as concrete confirmation that your seller will receive payment for the goods or services imported by you.
Shipping Guarantee-i
Why wait for the export documents to arrive and lose precious time and money in the process? With Al Rajhi Bank's Shipping Guarantee-i, you will be able to claim immediate possession of the goods you have ordered without making payment first or being presented with the necessary documents by your supplier. Avoid paying costly demurrage or storage charges. We provide the documents required to release your purchases so that you can expedite the delivery of your goods and minimise idle waiting time.
Bank Guarantee -i
A Bank Guarantee-i serves as a surety by Al Rajhi Bank who agrees to be responsible for the financial obligation of the applicant. It is a guarantee issued on behalf of your company to a third party to facilitate your usage of products or services, or to secure contracts. Should the applicant be unable to fulfill his part of the contract or incur loss or damage, a Bank Guarantee-i is an irrevocable confirmation to the beneficiary (third party) that he will still receive the sum of money upon demand. With this facility, your are able to enhance your company's cash flow and reduce transaction risk.
Trade Commodity Financing-i
Al Rajhi Bank offers customised financing solutions to meet clients' import, export, open account basis and merchanting trade needs. This covers local purchases and sales as well. Armed with in-depth experience in trade commodity financing, and an understanding of both local and global markets, we work with buyers and suppliers throughout the global commodity supply chain to ascertain their specific needs and deliver bespoke financing solutions. This product is offered under the contract of Murabahah, and is in compliance with the Al Rajhi Bank (Malaysia) Shariah standard.
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