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Everything we do evolves around our customers
In the financial services industry, where every minute counts, customers have little sympathy for self serving institutions. Being real people with real needs, they expect less rhetoric and more deliverables. That is why everything we do evolves around our customers.

As we expand, we are looking for more personnel who can walk the talk. However, take a minute to ponder the question posed. That's because we are not talking about having the right qualifications and experience … that's a given.

Our focus is on customer-centric people who are able to display strong leadership qualities, possess excellent communication and people skills and above all, passionate about converting every first-time sale into a lifelong relationship – a rare breed that is a cut above the rest. Now let's see who can stand up to the test in the following opportunities we have.

The ARBM Experience
  1. Tuan Nurul Shahida Tuan Anuar
  2. Samian Ithnin
  3. Leong Tjun Mun

“It’s all about TRUST”

"Trusting one’s ability and passion. Trusting that people will always do the best they can.
…Based on trust, which underlines the environment necessary for empowerment, I am allowed to be innovative, make mistakes and grow with Al Rajhi.”

Tuan Nurul Shahida Tuan Anuar
2012     Manager
Financial Management & Reporting
2009     Assistant Manager
Financial Management & Reporting
2006     Executive 
Financial Management & Reporting

“Anything is possible”

“There’s no set rules and staid career paths in Al Rajhi. We go by strengths and talents. So, in Al Rajhi, with the right attitude guided by our guiding principles and values, anything is possible – we shape our own future and collectively we contribute to the growth of Al Rajhi and invest in our personal growth.”

Samiah Ithnin
Vice President
Treasury Operations

“They listen. And ACT.”

“Al Rajhi takes everyone of us seriously. They don’t just hear. They listen. And ACT.”

Leong Tjun Mun
2006     Advisor 
2008     Manager
Custom Relations
2010     Assistant Vice President
Ampang Branch
Career Path

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