Client Charter For Product
Client Charter For Product
Personal Financing
  1. Notify customers within 2 working days upon receiving application
  2. Inform and explain critical terms to customers including applicable financing rates and key charges
Charge Card
  1. Issue a new card within 9 to 14 working days of receiving the application, depending on card delivery address
  2. Issue a replacement card within 7 working days of receiving customer’s notification
  3. Inform customers of key terms and charges
Home Financing
  1. Specify the necessary documents and information to be submitted
  2. Inform customers of critical terms, applicable financing rates and key charges
  3. Notify customers within 4 working days of receiving application with complete and accurate set of documentation
  4. Explain the principal terms and customer’s rights and obligations
  5. Disburse financing within 1 to 6 months from customer’s acceptance date
Deposit Products
  1. Commit to offer a basic savings account and basic current account to all Malaysians
  2. Fast account opening process
  3. Inform customers of critical terms including return on deposit policies and key charges
  4. Immediate replacement of ATM card over the counter at branches
Wealth Management Products
  1. Provide customers a balanced view of benefits and risks of wealth management products
  2. Explain critical terms to customers
  3. Ensure wealth management products are suitable to customer’s needs and financial circumstances
Internet Banking
  1. Provide a secure and reliable network for internet banking services
  2. Ensure strict controls procedures to minimise risk of unauthorised access
  3. Ensure internet banking services are available at all times

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