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Debit ATM Card-i

Enjoy cashless convenience, whenever, and wherever you go. With an Al Rajhi Bank Debit ATM Card-i, money will be substracted straight from your account each time you make payments using the card. You have convenient access to your funds via our ever-expanding network of 24-hour ATMs and all other ATMs displaying the Visa PLUS and MEPS signs. Because it is VISA enabled, you can also use your Al Rajhi Bank Debit ATM Card-i to pay online, over the phone and at over 27 million Visa accepted locations worldwide.
Debit ATM Card-i
24-hour ATM access at Al Rajhi Bank ATMs and ATMS displaying the VISA Plus and MEPS signs
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A VISA enabled Debit ATM card accepted at 27 million VISA outlets worldwide
In compliance with Al Rajhi Bank (Malaysia) Shariah standard
To Apply
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  Available to all active Al Rajhi Savings Account-i or Al Rajhi Current Account-i holders age 18 and above
Fee Structure
- Annual Fees of RM10
- Withdrawals at MEPS network RM1
- Withdrawals at Visa Plus network RM12
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