JomPAY (National Bill Payment Scheme)
What is JomPAY?
Transactional Hours
How to Perform JomPAY?
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What is JomPAY?
JomPAY is a national initiative, supported by Banks, to enable online bill payments across Malaysia. MyClear, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank Negara Malaysia, operates JomPAY. With JomPAY, you can pay any bill through the Internet or Mobile Banking service of 42* Banks in Malaysia using funds from your Savings and Current accounts via alrajhi@24seven. It’s fast, safe, and convenient. The good thing about JomPAY is absolutely FREE for customers who are making bill payments online.
Steps to Perform JomPAY?
1: JomPAY logo
2: Biller Code and Ref-1
How to Perform JomPAY via alrajhi@24seven
#. Descriptions
1. On your bill statement, look for:

(1) JomPAY logo

(2) Biller Code

(3) Ref-1 (Reference Number)

2. Go to URL:
3. If there is a pop-up window alrajhi@24seven notice, click at ‘CLOSE’ or ‘X’ button at the top right-hand corner.
4. Login to alrajhi@24seven by entering your User ID and Password. Click ‘Login’ button to proceed.
5. At Main Screen, click at “JomPAY” option to select either Pay Bills (for single bill payment) or multiple bills (for multiple favourite bill payment only).
6. Click ‘Proceed’ button to confirm Acknowledgement & Instruction for either JomPAY Pay Bills or Multiple Bills.
7. At Pay Bills page, you need to complete the following information:

(1) Your Al Rajhi Bank account details.

(2) Biller Code and add this biller to Favourites.

(3) Ref-1

(4) Ref-2 (if any)

(5) Payment Amount (RM)

(6) Payment Schedule either immediate, future dated or recurring.

Click ‘Next’ button to proceed to subsequent screen.
8. At ‘Confirmation’ screen, request a ‘Transaction Authorization Code’ (TAC).
Note: Register your mobile number at any nearest Al Rajhi bank branch.
9. Enter your TAC and click ‘Confirm’ button to confirm the transaction.
10. ‘Transaction Accepted’. Click at ‘Print’ button to print transaction receipt.
11. Click at ‘Close’ button to return to Main Menu.
Channel / Platform of JomPAY
Phase 1: alrajhi@24seven (internet banking)

JomPAY Daily Transactional Limit
Your default daily limit is up to MYR1,000 a day. Maximum: RM50, 000 day. To customise your own transaction limit, please go to “Change Limit”. To know more on how the limit works, please go to “Daily Transaction Limits Features Works”.

Single Payment / Transaction Limit
The maximum amount allowed for a one-time payment, single transaction is up to RM50, 000 (with a combination of all transactions available or solely for IBG, JomPAY and Fund Transfer to Other Al Rajhi Account).
Fees / Charges
Transactional Hours

Payment initiated by Customers

*Funds Received by Billers
Business Days
(Monday – Friday)
Before 6:00am Same Business Day By 11:00am
6:01am to 9:00am By 2:00pm
9:01am to 12:00pm By 5:00pm
12:01pm to 3:00am By 8:20pm
3:01pm to 6:00am By 11:00pm
After 6:00pm Next Business Day By 11:00am
Non Business Days
(Saturdays, Sundays and Federal Territory Public Holidays)
Next Business Day By 11:00am
*Under normal circumstances.
  • Applicable for all JomPAY payments to current accounts and savings accounts.
  • When you make a JomPAY payment before 17:00 on a Banking Business Day*, the Biller will receive and recognize payment on the same day. If you make a JomPAY payment after 17:00 on a Banking day, the Biller will receive payment on the next Banking Business Day.
  • If you make a payment on a non-Banking day, such as on a weekend or a public holiday, the Biller will receive payment on the next Banking Business Day.
    *A Banking Business Day is a working day in Kuala Lumpur when all Banks are open for business.
  • Maxis Mobile Services Sdn Bhd
  • Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM)
  • Lonpac Insurance
  • Rentokil Initial (M) Sdn Bhd
For details of latest Billers and Billers code, please logon to:
Participating MyClear Member Banks
42* Banks available in JomPAY services.

Benefits of paying your bills via JomPAY
  • Availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • It's FREE.
  • It's fast, safe, easy and totally convenient.
  • With simple scheduling of payments in advance, there is no more missed payments.
  • Monitor your payment history and pending bills – all from one source.
  • Accessible and inclusive bill payment eco-system for consumers, Banks and billers so that all JomPAY Billers are available to all customers of 42* Banks in Malaysia.
  • Make multiple bill payment at one go.
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