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Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)
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With Al Rajhi's MM2H Privileges Package, We Make It So Easy!
South East Asia's Most Prospective Islamic Nation  
Malaysia is a role model Islamic country that's fast becoming one of the most fascinating second homes in South East Asia! It can offer in ideal difference in almost all aspects of your life - a peaceful residential heaven, a fertil investment climate, diverse culture, harmony, safety, with natural and man-made wonders, and unmatched scope for progress!  
We'll Help You Settle Down Easily, Comfortably!  
To make your move easier and rewarding, we at Al Rajhi Bank are well prepared to help you stay or invest, profitably! Allow us to handle all your financing needs. For starters, getting a Home or Car Financing can be tailored to your advantage, with total Shariah compliance. You'll love the difference we make.  
Making the MM2H Process Easier For You  
The Malaysian Government support your move. To make it easier and hassle-free, you can now stay in Malaysia as long as possible on a social visit pass with a multiple entry visa. The Social Visit Pass is initialy for a period of ten (10) years, (depending on the validity of your passport) and it as renewalable. Since it is initiated by The Government, rest assured that it will continuosly work to ensure its success and make it more and more convenient to you!  
Right Foundations For Long Term Happiness  
Besides the peace of mind of staying in one of the most peaceful countries in this region, you'll enjoy high living standards at a more reasonable cost. The government monitors and subsidises costs of essential goods to relieve the people of the economic burdens of inflation and rising cost of living, wherever possible. All the infrastructure for growth and comfortable living such as efficient transportation, public amenities, shopping and recreation, etc, are set in place to make business and leisure such a pleasure!  
Numerous Proud Achievements  
Malaysia has much to be proud about. Its glorious year long summer, nature and resources rich environment, cosmopolitan community, diverse cultural heritage, free intermingling of different races, etc, makes it truly fascinating and completely Asian! It boasts of numerous natural and man-made wonders including one of the tallest buildings in the world, The Petronas Twin Tower in Kuala Lumpur.  
Make Life A Celebration  
All the comforts to make life such a joyful celebration are easily accessible. Great value shopping heavens are everywhere. Recreational and entertainment spots are everywhere and include - theme parks, jungle trails sports, water sports and one of the highest numbers of golf courses in terms of ratio or population. Communication is easy if you speak English, although Bahasa Malaysia is the official language. Other languages and dialects relate to the Chinese, Indians, the Eurasians, Portuguese and the natives who live here.  
Endless Variety of Food, Beverages and Fruits  
Reputed to be Asia's Food Paradise, you can at feast 24-hours on an endless choice of food from the different communities that live here. You can find almost every imaginable type from around the world, all year long right here! Best of all, its range is so unique and reasonably priced, you may not find a better deal elsewhere.  
Healthy Political & Social Climate  
In every way, Malaysia offers numerous unmatched advantages to its investors and those who make it a second home. The politics is stable. It has freely elected government which represents all groups of people found within the country. Malaysia has long been one of the safest and most politically stable countries in the world by strictly practicing the British system of justice set out in its constitution. This rule of law has enabled the development of an open, democratic society with constitutional guarantees to practice all religions. Statistics also prove that Malaysia is one of the world's safest countries, with relatively low crime rate.  
Economics, Education, Medical Conveniences & More  
Malaysia has one of the most consistent and progressive economies in teh region. Its focus on becoming and educational and medical hub in Asia is fully backed by the government and private sectors. It also boast of reputable international schools in all major towns with English as the medium instruction as well as private colleges and universities offering twinning programs with the worlds' well-known universities and major colleges. In almost all aspect of life, it is fast becoming the most lucrative, rewarding and preferred choice in the region.  
Contemporary, Classic Residences  
Quality residences abound in variety and value all over Malaysia. Choose from terrace house, semi-detached, bungalows, apartments and condominiums, be they in tourism zones-on beaches, near jungles and in the vicinity of the parks, recreational places and city centre. Each participant under this MM2H program is allowed to purchase unlimited units of residential houses valued at more than RM250,000 each depending on the location.  
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